Your Mentor or Sponsor


At Sober 4 Life, we require all residents to connect with a Recovery Mentor or a Sponsor within 30 days of residency.

Recovery Mentor

Your Recovery Mentor is your accountability partner(s). He or they are someone who is also in recovery and may be at the same stage as you or a little further ahead. He may be a fellow resident in a S4L residence, but that is not required. All that is required is that he is clean and sober, and someone you are comfortable with. Since you are both on par with each other in your recovery journeys, you can be his Recovery Mentor as well.

S4L does not require that you meet formally with one another on a specific schedule, but it does want the assurance that you are holding one another accountable where sobriety is concerned. That means talking about your struggles with each other and sharing victories with each other on a regular basis. Your Recovery Mentor is not your Sponsor; that is a different role, which is explained next.


The role of your Sponsor is defined in the same way that Alcoholics Anonymous does: A person who does everything possible, within the limits of personal experience and knowledge, to help the newcomer get sober and stay sober through the 12-step program. The Sponsor must show by present example and addiction history what the program has meant in his life.
Since the Sponsor assumes a greater role, it is recommended that the Sponsor be someone who has a longer history of sobriety than the person he is sponsoring. He should be committed to sponsoring you on a long term basis, and he should be available to speak with you as often as possible.
S4L prefers that its residents meet with their Sponsor on a scheduled basis, so that they can build their relationships quickly and effectively. Attending meetings together is one way to meet and build your relationship. The Sponsor can make sure you get your card signed at the meeting, which is required in order to prove to S4L that you are attending the required meetings.
If you have any further questions about obtaining a Recovery Mentor or a Sponsor please contact Sober 4 Life at (508) 699-2500 or send an email to