How You Can Help US

We initially obtained funding from Walmart for the construction materials needed to build out our pantry as well as the funding needed to purchase an additional refrigerator and freezer for storage. We continue to reach out to our local sponsors to obtain ongoing funding to support this program. We are also pursuing membership in a food bank to reduce the cost of our food purchases.

We are making every effort to keep out pantry stocked while also helping residents to learn the skills necessary to prepare a healthy diet rich with nutrient-dense foods. Our goal is to assist our residents in preparing multiple CJO House Community Meals from the stock in our Pantry each week so our residents are never lacking in nutrition. We want our residents to stay focused on their recovery and be successful every step of the way.

Donate Today

"If you wish to assist in my mission, become one of our sponsors TODAY, so that we can continue to provide our residents with the best possible opportunities for recovery. We need and appreciate your help! Please donate here or feel free to reach out to me at [email protected]."

~Shawna Charla~

Amazon Smile

Please support our organization by using "Amazon Smile" when you shop on Amazon. Remember to log in to to shop! Your participation will help us reach our goals and is greatly appreciated!


To Our Sponsors:

On behalf of all the residents at CJO House, we wish to extend a huge thank you to our sponsors. These sponsors have made it possible for us to ensure our residents focus on their recovery. After recognizing the financial struggles of our residents, we established our CJO House Pantry and Community Meals Program. While I am sure our need is small in comparison to many organizations, it is also very real. The thought of our residents who are already facing the battle against addiction every moment of their day, also facing financial hardships that left them hungry, was simply unacceptable. As part of our CJO House Pantry and Community Meals Program, our residents under the supervision of the staff, plan and prepare meals. We offer our residents healthy meals at no cost.


BJ'S Wholesale - Giving back to the community is definitely their goal!  Thank you!
Boston Tropical Tree - Thank you for our beautiful Christmas Tree!
Shaws - Attleboro Falls - Thank you for your kind donations as well as being most welcoming!
Target - Thank you for your generosity!
Walmart - The generosity of  Walmart has allowed us to expand our CJO House Pantry and Community Meals Program to provide several meals per week to our residents!
Answer Is Fitness - Thank you for our house membership! The guys love it!