Program Highlights


The program at the Sober 4 Life is directed toward helping our residents develop the sobriety skills needed to maintain a long-term, contented, drug-free lifestyle.

The primary focus is integration into a structured living environment. Residents learn how to utilize a peer support system made up entirely of fellow residents in recovery. During this time, counseling focuses on identifying any situational issues which may have predisposed the onset of your chemical addiction. These issues include being an adult child of an alcoholic (ACOA), self-esteem, abuse, grief, and other related issues

Once you have demonstrated the ability to rely on your peers to process life struggles, you are ready to move onto the next step. During this time, you are aided in expanding your new-found skills of peer reliance into the larger support groups of A.A./N.A. Counseling now focuses on helping you address the issues and wreckage associated with drug and alcohol abuse. This includes interpersonal relationships with family, employment, legal, and financial responsibilities.

You are taught leadership skills and become a mentor to newly arriving clients. You also begin preparations to have in place the necessary support needed to afford long lasting, contented sobriety after your discharge.

Individual Plan

Each resident’s recovery plan is different however, a new resident must commit to minimum predetermined period of residency in a S4L home. The initial term of residency varies with each resident’s needs and you may stay in residency for up to eighteen months.

Immediate Peer Support

All residents of S4L homes attend house meetings together as well as outside recovery meetings. Residents assist each other in developing the skills needed to develop a drug and alcohol free lifestyle.

Support for Addiction-Related Problems

Family stress and legal problems can pose challenges during a resident’s recovery. S4L supports and assists residents in family matters. Support is also offered to aid a resident in meeting its legal obligations to the Courts. Letters may be written on a resident’s behalf and provided to the Court and probation officers.

Drug and Alcohol Testing

The S4L provides a safe and secure living environment free from alcohol and drugs. In order to protect our residents, drug and alcohol testing is performed a minimum of two times a week by a private testing laboratory to ensure compliance.

Sober Social Skills

Developing sober social skills is essential for your long-term success. All clients are encouraged to participate in house social events such as playing softball or basketball, attending cookouts, weight training, other exercises, and Capron Park events.

Our Pantry and Community Life Program

Developing Life Skills through participation in our Meals Program. This Program provides planned meals offered at no cost to all residents. Residents participate in the planning, preparation and clean up of meals.

Financial Counseling

Counseling is provided to assist residents in managing their money. Residents are counseled on methods to create budgets and develop longer term goals. Assistance is provided to Residents so they can create a plan to resolve outstanding debt and delinquent taxes.

Job Counseling

Residents seeking employment prepare a resume and are counseled on interview techniques. Residents then develop a job search plan which includes submission of applications to several area employment agencies.

Individual and Group Therapy

Counseling focuses on personal issues, relapse prevention, stress reduction, interpersonal relationships, family matters, and other issues as needed.

Membership to Local Fitness Facility

All residents can enjoy a membership to Answer Is Fitness, a popular local fitness facility.

For more information contact Sober 4 Life at (508) 699-2500 or send an email to [email protected].