Code of Ethics


Sober 4 Life strives to maintain a respectful environment built on principles of honesty and trust. Focusing on our resident’s individual growth to include these core competencies is important to Sober 4 Life. Sober 4 Life administration will conduct business honestly and ethically.

  • We will treat all persons with dignity and respect.
  • We will safe guard a resident’s privacy and confidentiality per state, federal and local requirements.
  • We will not threaten or commit any act of physical or emotional abuse.
  • We will maintain autonomy with current and previous residents.
  • We will not engage in harassment of any kind or nature.
  • We will not discriminate due to race, religion, age, sexual orientation, disability, national ancestry or economic condition.
  • We will strive for continued personal growth and self-improvement through education, training and consultations.
  • We will abide by state and local health laws providing a healthy and clean living environment.
  • All sober homes will foster an atmosphere of family living with ample common space.
  • For the safety of the home, there will be a zero tolerance for alcohol or other drug use. Alcohol and other drug screening will be used for compliance.
  • Each sober home will have a “good neighbor policy.”
  • Each sober home will have a sponsor. The sponsor will act as a trusted servant whose duty it will be to ensure that the home is running effectively.
  • If you have questions about how Sober 4 Life can serve you, please call a staff member at (508) 699-2500 today.